Now specialising in Beer Design!

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I received a call from Belfast, asking me to provide labels for two beer bottles and a logo for Knockout Brewing Belfast.  The client had read my Brew Dog blog and quite liked my opinions. He felt I was the man for the job with my experience of re-branding KingBeer (more to come on this) and my knowledge of real ale.  His thinking was the I knew bottle label legal requirements, I understood beer types and label dimensions etc. and because of this A LOT of time could be saved – and he was right.

brass knuckle label

bare knuckle

The client gave me the freedom to design the logo and labels exactly how I wanted.  This is a rare occurrance – he said, “You’re the designer so I’ll leave the designing to you.”  With only two VERY minor amendments to the designs the project was completed very quickly.  I took my knowledge of beer and popular culture and combined it all to celebrate boxing with design inspired by old fashioned boxing posters. The logo was purposefully in keeping with the Everlast logo to make it instantly understood. I was quickly able to write all of the content and the client LOVED the solution.  Once again this was applied to t-shirts, twitter and Facebook.

A strong identity delivered fast, with some very clever written content that hopefully makes the reader smile.

If you need help with creative writing, branding or identity get in touch.  AND IF YOU BREW BEER AND NEED A SPECIALIST BEER DESIGNER THEN I’M YOUR MAN.