Tom O'Boyle Designs Graphic Designer

Tom O’Boyle is a Graphic Designer and marketing consultant. Tom has a host of extra talent to call upon when necessary including some incredibly talented web developers, illustrators and sign manufacturers.  Tom O’Boyle Designs and associates listen to you, help you communicate effectively and subsequently develop your business. Working with prestigious businesses such as the Goodwood Estate, Langmead Group and Global Herbs. Tom works alongside several marketing and design agencies in the South coast, including Hoot Marketing, Morph PR & Marketing, Strawberry Soup, Bamboo Creative and Chichester Designs. Happy working with small start up businesses or large corporate clients – he designs for companies round the corner and around the world.

Tom can also fit in freelance work should your company experience busy periods. Tom is very well practiced at slotting into a new team with minimal fuss and bother. This allows your team to continue functioning in your normal efficient manner despite increased workload, sickness or absence of staff. Get in touch to discuss a day rate.

Tom studied Graphic Design at Falmouth.  Won a Young Creators Network National Student Design Award in 2010/2011.  Whilst working in an agency he worked with organisations such as Land Securities, Wightlink Ferries, Bowlplex, Cooper Vision, Lidl, Babcock and BAE Systems.



Simple, effective, appropriate, original and often beautiful design.

We will allow you to quickly realise and implement the best solution for your business with minimal fuss and effort.  We are fast to understand what you want and why. This subsequently allows you to complete projects more quickly, therefore saving money. We listen to you. then listen to you, we ask more questions and then we listen to you again!!!  We give you what you want…we never ignore you and we always try to understand you, your audience and your competition.

We can establish a solution to fit within your budget, whilst meeting your exact specifications. We are very quick, flexible and helpful.  Most of all we have GOOD IDEAS.

Feel free to call anytime for some free advice and a chat about your business, your options and direction.

Get in touch!


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