Working with Articulate 360

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What have we been up to? Well for the most part – I can’t tell you! Not exactly a very interesting or engaging start but that NDAs for you (Non-Disclosure Agreements). What I can say is that I’ve been working with another marketing agency to provide their client with e-learning experiences. These online learning courses allow the client to educate their employees internally and effectively track their progress, completion and performances.

The software is an industry leader. Dynamic, engaging, functional and it looks great. The software allows you to run courses and educate clients, customers or employees with digital lessons that can be carried out from people’s desks at work or remotely at home. The software also includes quizzes, games and bespoke interactions. These can be designed and created with varying reactions and results depending on the user’s input.

Take a look at the x2 links below to get a good idea of what Articulate 360 offers and the two types of software.
Articulate 360 Storyline
Articulate 360 Rise

Storyline is a complicated, intricate software with many complicated tools and functions – therefore it’s certainly best to get us involved if using this options. Rise is simpler, however you want your e-learning experience to be engaging, represent the company and effectively engage with the learner. If the e-learning is not engaging – then often the information and lessons are not absorbed. So we recommend getting professional designers involved with either software.

A large part of what we do is not just making it interesting for the learner and making courses look sleek and stylish. To be honest – it’s more about how we interpret the lessons you want to teach. You know what they need to learn – but it might be in the form of a paragraph or a basic bullet point list. At which point it’s up to us to think creatively and provide something that is interesting and engaging. Something that allows the learner to breeze through the experience, happily soaking up all the information as they go.

If you need help designing within Articulate 360, Rise 360, Storyline 360 – producing e-learning modules, lessons, templates, courses and experiences then get in touch – we’d love to hear about the information you’re trying to share with your audience.