Booking system websites

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We have built a few booking system websites in our time and there are many options. Sometimes you need…

  • Shopify e-commerce website with booking functionality attached in an app.
  • Or a brochure website with basic booking hyperlinks.
  • Or existing booking systems can work well too – such as barbers using Booksy.

We offer/ recommend all of these services IF that is the most suitable solution for our clients and their business. What we DO NOT recommend is Wix and Squarespace for any web needs. It’s a buy cheap buy twice situation with both of them. Whereas with us – it’s buy well, buy once! Often though – nothing beats a bespoke website with a bespoke booking system. WHY IS THAT?

Bespoke WordPress websites with bespoke booking systems are often the best option because they give our clients exactly what they need to work efficiently and gives their customers exactly what they need to book easily and hassle free.

Off the shelf booking systems can be very effective. For example we know of a bike hire booking system that was designed for bike hire specifically – it’s brilliant, affordable and has excellent functionality. Why would you try and re-build effective existing functionality? But this isn’t always the case.

Off the shelf are not a one size fits all solution. If the needs are basic – then a basic solution can work well and be cost effective. But that doesn’t mean it will sync with the client’s calendars, CRM system or day to day working processes. E.g. booking holidays, cottages, villas, camping, accommodation etc.

Off the shelf booking systems aren’t always easy to adapt to client’s specific needs in terms of capturing customer information. Often our clients are taking bookings with many variables in terms of customer information and each booking form has to be different from the next. Custom fields need to be created to capture specific information and the user flow still needs to be seamless. If the customisations are wrong or executed poorly this will lead to further issues in terms of usability both front and back end.

Often our clients will have new services that they need to add or treat differently – with a bespoke system this is no problem whatsoever. The entire system is built to the client’s exacting requirements and can be adapted and expanded to suit the developing business. The information captured is correct and often the customer doesn’t have to keep putting in the same information each time they book. Discounts can be automatically applied, essential information is easily shared and captured. The booking system will work seamlessly with the client’s working process and can be linked to whatever calendar/ CRM system they are already using.

Many of our clients have experienced a massive increase in productivity, work flow efficiency, increase in profits, decrease in stress and significant return on investment. Their processes are streamlined, allowing them to focus more time in other areas of the business that they want to be working on and developing.

If you need to take booking and need help deciding on the best option for you, your business and your clients – get in touch!