New style for Award Winning Salon

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Kate Preston Salons approached me and asked for a new website, new style, logo and general overhaul of the brand. Not only that but they needed faster turn around on amends and supply of adverts and printed promotions and stationery in order to make their offers and events more effective. This is something we are ...

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SAS, Navy Seals and beer!

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I was asked to design a beer label for a charity boxing event in London. Ex-SAS were fighting Ex-Navy Seals and US special forces fighters on Armistice day. The event was doing a charity beer with a portion of the profit going to charities supporting wounded soldiers such as Pilgrim Bandits. Ambridge Brewery contacted me ...

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Office space design for Langmead Farms

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Not too long ago I was asked to look at an office space for Langmead Farms.  As a producer of herbs for the likes of Tesco and Waitrose it was was vital to create an impressive space and atmosphere with a crisp, fresh look. This was achieved by some excellent decisions from members of their ...

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Glamping with a happy client

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I recently visited Greenhill Glamping in Kent and was blown away by how great it was. The area is amazing, the views are spectacular, you really feel like you’ve managed to get away but it total luxury and comfort. The finer details and little touches have really been made and it makes a massive difference. Good ...

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Greenhill Glamping

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I’ve recently finished Greenhill Glamping’s website, which is looking smart, inviting, simple and enjoyable to use. They came to me with a unique branding issue in that they have 2 arms of the businesses with 2 different styles but needed to be recognisable as being run by the same group. Alkham Court Farmhouse B&B and ...

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Avoid bad stock images – New IT website

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The problem with so many technology based sites is the photos. Often they are provided by a large corporate company and are hideously outdated. Or there is nothing out there on stock sites except people pulling their hair out in front of a monitor. Awesome stuff. I know, lets shake hands in front of a ...

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Vectors: Why I simply love Hey Duggee

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I am genuinely excited to see the new series of Hey Duggee. Partly because of my 2 year old daughters love of the cartoon. Partly because of the adult humour thrown in. Also the endearing characters and wonderful narration of Alexander Armstrong.  However the main reason for my admiration is the design. I LOVE VECTORS. Put simply Vector Graphics are ...

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Designer in the Rye

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A few months back I went to far off East Sussex. It’s my neighbouring county and I’ve never been further than Brighton – tut tut. SO I thought I’d better go and check it out. Camber Sands sounded nice but Rye looked like the place to be. What followed was a lovely indulgent weekend of GREAT ...

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Website designer

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I have so many websites either recently built, designed or in the process of being coded. Some of the most exciting projects are still under construction. A well known toy shop and jewellery store in Chichester both have e-commerce websites on the way – more to come on those soon. Until then, here are some examples of ...

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