Avoid bad stock images – New IT website

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The problem with so many technology based sites is the photos. Often they are provided by a large corporate company and are hideously outdated. Or there is nothing out there on stock sites except people pulling their hair out in front of a monitor. Awesome stuff.

I know, lets shake hands in front of a glass partition – that’ll look really different and demonstrate the clients unique qualities… urgh.

Even if you’re being clever with your image choice – often the few good stock images out there have been used a lot because there are few alternatives. Take this image for example. Its great – but there aren’t many like it and so it’s getting used a lot.


Normally they look like this…

I’ll have my photo with a side of Stinky Bishop please. But if the client hasn’t got the budget for new images then something has to be done and you have to find a high quality solution. My answer for the IT company was vector illustrations.

This allowed me to create unique, bespoke and meaningful illustrations and imagery that related to the client, their approach and their services. It offered total flexibility.

Take a look at the site…

So if you want vector illustrations, unique solutions, a well thought out website, simple and effective design AND you really want to avoid terrible stock imagery – then get in touch.

This guy knows what I’m talking about…