New websites galore!

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I have been busy in the last few months and have designed numerous websites. Here are a few for you to see…

Embrace Beauty

Designed to create a mood and provide a simple website to the client who can now take appointments instantly and easily and who can update information herself.

Embrace Beauty homepage

Chichester Hockey Club

This site was designed to be used by EVERYONE.  Young, old, the technologically challenged and needed to be easily and quickly updated. Good links to social section on facebook were essential as well as VERY quick access to information.  Might not be the prettiest but it was designed for its function and it REALLY works!

Chichester hockey homepage

iWood Amp website

The Logo was designed to tell the customer exactly what it does.  A simple and effective site to quickly tell the viewer about the product. Yet to be properly polished by the client but the initial design shown below WAS looking good.

iWood AMP homepage

DM Building & Restoration

This site was designed to allow the client to have a simple presence and to show the sort of work they undertake.  If it sits there doing nothing – so be it. The site will still work as well as the day it was created. Plus to 7 years of internet presence means it’s easily found without updating content.

A simple, sophisticated logo to demonstrate these are not your average builders.

DMBR homepage

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