Even takeaways deserve good design

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We recently designed a logo for a new Grill and takeaway place in London Road, Portsmouth. The logo was designed to look like a hob, whilst meeting the client’s requirements of having the letter ‘G’ within a ‘C’.  It didn’t leave much room for play but we’re quite happy with it.

A word from Tom: Many agencies or designers turn their noses up at such work, however I see it as a challenge.  Can I make a takeaway place in Portsmouth look good? It would be easy to let the quality slip and just churn out the work. However I’m always determined to do produce quality designs, regardless of the client, their field or how attractive the the work appears on face value. All take away looks the same…why?!  They all look awful, but here with Chicago grill we have clear, simple menus that are easy to read.  No more 10 adverts telling you to eat whilst you’re already holding the menu, no more greasy looking photos that are 20 years old and no horrific colour schemes.

Instead we have modern design that gives a look as fresh as the food.

Made to look like a hob