Making Fry & Kent feel at home

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Well known Estate Agents Fry&Kent came to me and asked that I take a look at their new office space. After a discussion we had a clear idea of our aim. Create something that elegantly reflected what Fry & Kent do. They would be handling some of their premier ‘Signature’ properties from this location so ...

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Oralie Maylin – Consistently Flawless

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Oralie Maylin is an incredibly talented make up artist based in Sydney.  Just look at her client list and you will start to get an idea. Originally from Scotland Oralie moved over to Sydney and decided she really wanted to push on with her own make artist business.  She needed help to be branded ...

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Brew Dog – Right or rude?

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If you’re keen on your ale, design or marketing then you’ll be interested to hear about Brew Dog… if you haven’t already. A small business started in 2007 has progressed rapidly into a steam rolling monster of a brand that HAS to keep gaining in popularity with their customers.  However it’s those in the industry ...

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Global Herbs new site LAUNCHED!

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Currently being featured in Horse & Hound and Pegasus Magazine the new site is turning heads and getting the thumbs up from the right people. Global Herbs manufacture and supply herbal supplements to the equine world are among the leaders in their industry. Their large green tubs can be found at any stables and their positive testimonials speak volumes ...

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Shout it from the mountaintops

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“Sorry for the late reply. I ran away to a monastery to clear my smog filled head…had to climb a mini mountain to reach it, but it was so worth it… such an incredible atmosphere and the friendliest monks!” You know when you have your favourite song of the moment and you can’t help but ...

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Potato Stamp Logos – A simple guide

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You’ve heard it before time and time again and yet it is still worth repeating.  When it comes to creating logos KEEP IT SIMPLE.  Too often people get carried away with what THEIR business values are, what THEY like, how THEY’VE always imagined it to look and they try to put all that meaning into ...

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Even takeaways deserve good design

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We recently designed a logo for a new Grill and takeaway place in London Road, Portsmouth. The logo was designed to look like a hob, whilst meeting the client’s requirements of having the letter ‘G’ within a ‘C’.  It didn’t leave much room for play but we’re quite happy with it. A word from Tom: Many ...

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