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Tom O’Boyle Designs partnered with The Cycle Company to develop a captivating brand identity, style guide, and an e-commerce website powered by Shopify, focused on selling their line of electric bikes (e-bikes). The primary objective was to establish a tone of voice that exudes trustworthiness and credibility. It was crucial for potential customers to feel instantly reassured about making a substantial investment in a high-end product from a reliable source, especially considering the absence of a pre-existing reputation. Therefore, incorporating trust signals into the customer experience became a vital aspect of the project.

The logo design, while intricate, effectively conveys the desired message. Even if the chain links are not immediately apparent, the lightning bolt imagery captures attention and conveys a sense of energy and excitement. Upon closer inspection, viewers experience a moment of revelation—a subtle yet impactful penny-drop moment.

To deliver the exceptional customer experience that the client aimed to provide, the Shopify website incorporates a multitude of additional functionalities. This was made possible through the strategic integration of various Shopify Apps. These applications enable customers to easily book demo test rides, request call-backs, and customize elements of the purchasing process.

Beyond the digital realm, Tom O’Boyle Designs assisted the client in implementing the brand identity into their printed stationery and shopfront. The provided style guide ensures a consistent and cohesive visual presentation across all touchpoints, guaranteeing that the brand’s in-house style remains unmistakable and coherent. The logo design, while the initial focal point, seamlessly extends into the overall website design, creating a harmonious and impactful brand experience.

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