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As a child I would watch my Dad playing hockey and at half time I’d run onto the pitch, pretend to be Calum Giles and practice a flick or two and then quickly get off the pitch before the game restarted. So it was pretty cool that when I approached him to help with any future design work – he said yes. We then went about taking his current character logo and coming up with something very different that would better suit him as he took his business to the next level. We knew though that the character logo would be dropped at some point as the company grew in reputation – eventually it would cease to need to be literal and we could just use the SW. That time came in 2019 as the character was phased out for a simple and more instantaneous impact. Tom O’Boyle Designs has also designed socks, hats, t-shirts, banners, vehicle graphics and their website which had a refreshed design in June 2019.

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