Tom O’Boyle Designs were approached by Sebastian Griffin of Bspk Workshop to help accurately represent his company and the furniture he creates. The tone of voice was key – it had to scream of quality and excellent customer service whilst still being accessible to the audience and not out of reach. Bespoke services get talked about a lot so it was important not to just sprout the same stuff that has been heard many times and present the work and the company that made people really look up and take notice. The photography from Chris had a massive impact on the success of the project and he really helped showcase Seb’s fantastic work. The ethos of the company really comes through and the site can be admired and enriched as more work keeps getting added to it. The logo gives a nod to finger prints and unique bespoke solutions whilst staying very clear and simple – it looks great on jackets and t-shirts too. The style guide supplied ensures the in house style is very clear and everything will be delivered with great consistency. The logo design was just the beginning though and led nicely into the website design.

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