Greenhill Glamping

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I’ve recently finished Greenhill Glamping’s website, which is looking smart, inviting, simple and enjoyable to use. They came to me with a unique branding issue in that they have 2 arms of the businesses with 2 different styles but needed to be recognisable as being run by the same group. Alkham Court Farmhouse B&B and ...

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Vectors: Why I simply love Hey Duggee

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I am genuinely excited to see the new series of Hey Duggee. Partly because of my 2 year old daughters love of the cartoon. Partly because of the adult humour thrown in. Also the endearing characters and wonderful narration of Alexander Armstrong.  However the main reason for my admiration is the design. I LOVE VECTORS. Put simply Vector Graphics are ...

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New websites galore!

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I have been busy in the last few months and have designed numerous websites. Here are a few for you to see… Embrace Beauty Designed to create a mood and provide a simple website to the client who can now take appointments instantly and easily and who can update information herself. Chichester Hockey Club This ...

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Oralie Maylin – Consistently Flawless

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Oralie Maylin is an incredibly talented make up artist based in Sydney.  Just look at her client list and you will start to get an idea. Originally from Scotland Oralie moved over to Sydney and decided she really wanted to push on with her own make artist business.  She needed help to be branded ...

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