SAS, Navy Seals and beer!

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I was asked to design a beer label for a charity boxing event in London. Ex-SAS were fighting Ex-Navy Seals and US special forces fighters on Armistice day. The event was doing a charity beer with a portion of the profit going to charities supporting wounded soldiers such as Pilgrim Bandits. Ambridge Brewery contacted me ...

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12 great beer names

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1. Poacher’s Moon.  Wonderfully British, it captures so much about the beer and creates a wonderful mood. 2. Betty’s Brazilian.  The perfect balance of smut and humour. 3. Hadouken. Named after a special move from Street Fighter on the Sega Mega Drive. Geeky but somehow cool. 4. Wot’s Occurring.  Makes you want to drive to ...

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Now specialising in Beer Design!

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I received a call from Belfast, asking me to provide labels for two beer bottles and a logo for Knockout Brewing Belfast.  The client had read my Brew Dog blog and quite liked my opinions. He felt I was the man for the job with my experience of re-branding KingBeer (more to come on this) ...

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