Welcome to the illustrator hub.

Different designers often love different aspects of design – for Tom, vector graphics are King. Clean, quick to load, rich in colour and limitless possibilities. Tom is the ideal person for vector illustrations – with no set style he aims to provide exactly what the client or audience needs, whatever that may be. Here are some examples of his work.


We can offer a wide range of wonderful illustration. Different illustrators offer very different styles and we understand who will best suit your requirements and provide you with a totally unique and jaw dropping masterpiece. One of our team will without a doubt be able to answer your requests with serious flair. We take the brief, deal with and manage the illustrator and act as art director, leaving you to get on with your busy working schedule.

(Clockwise Left to right)illustration

Will isĀ a unique artist with a very specific style – if dark, moody and thought provoking is what you need he’s your man.

Andrew has had work published in several magazines. Constantly growing in experience and skill – he is extremely versatile and his images boast a lot of movement.

Emily is an exceptional illustrator. Travelling around the world – she absorbs the culture and encourages it to enrich her work. You never know where she will be, however her pen is never far from paper. Always on hand to make you say “WOW!” every time. Her intricate work is cherished and loved by all who receive it. Murals or bamboo tattoos – we can deliver something truly special.

Debs is a future superstar. Destined to be a well known and sought after children’s illustrator. Her story book knowledge is exceptional and her style is perfect for the industry. Debs also has a beautiful style when it comes to all things natural – a very versatile talent that I love working with.

Anna is our character specialist. All things cartoon, manga, japanese and bespoke character based are fed to Anna. We have created bespoke boat graphics, Oxford Reading Tree looking characters for a primary school and logos for ex Olympians. Anna is a huge talent and has always delivered brilliantly on every project.

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Here’s some examples of their work in conjunction with Tom O’Boyle Designs.

Logo for ex-Olympic hockey player

Anna's characters were made to look like Biff, Chip and Kipper.

Anna’s characters were made to look like Biff, Chip and Kipper.

Drawn by one of our illustrators to the exact specifications of the client.

Emily's pattern in the background

Emily’s pattern in the background


A section of Emily pattern was used for this uncharacteristically completed logo

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 14.01.22

A book cover by Will

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