12 great beer names

1. Poacher’s Moon.  Wonderfully British, it captures so much about the beer and creates a wonderful mood. poachers-moon 2. Betty’s Brazilian.  The perfect balance of smut and humour. betttys-brazil 3. Hadouken. Named after a special move from Street Fighter on the Sega Mega Drive. Geeky but somehow cool. hadouken 4. Wot’s Occurring.  Makes you want to drive to Barry and shout “Oh!” wots-occur 5. Proper job. So much is said with just two words. Very powerful and relates nicely to its Cornish roots. proper-j 6. Hello my name is Vladimir.  Brave? Stupid? Who cares? It’s a wonderful pop at someone who we’d all like to voice our opinions to. hello-my 7. Hopscotch – Simple Ronseal type attitude. Seems obvious…once someone has come up with it.

8. Fuzzy Duck. Ah, a jewell of West Sussex – The Gribble Inn is a pub on the outskirts of Chichester and brews a wonderful selection of its own beers. A great name, a great beer and a great drinking game! gribble 9. Pheasant Plucker – A brilliant play on words. love it. pleasant-f 10. Hoppy Ending – Pretty crude but it makes people smile none the less. hoppy-end 11. Apocalypse Cow – The label helps with the name and the strapline…a beer of udder destruction is brilliant too. apocolypse-cow 12. Rabbid Rabbit – I love the label and that’s half of the humour. Also sounds good in an Elmer Fudd type voice. rabbid-rabbit   Credits: SKINNERS, KINGBEER, ST AUSTEL, BREW DOG, THE GRIBBLE, TINY REBEL, GREAT OAKLEY, THREE FLLOYDS, HUNTERS, TEQUESTA

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